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I used a friends Megger today and we both came up with an error he hasn't seen before.

We was performing a PFC test at the imcoming of a new DB.

Leads were in line and neutral ports and tester set to L-N, 2 lead test, Zmax.

As soon as you make the connection the tester beeped and flashed <PE>

We managed to get a reading but he didn't know what the error meant. Searching the internet doesn't seem to bring up much
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(pure speculation , does it want a PE reference to
confirm "polarity" )
...No I have yet to read that Meggers Instructions..
( So many "features" ... n-tweakable-settings
can get in the way sometimes )


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At a guess PE would refer to protective earth??? Possibly seeing the earth as a neutral?


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Can testers differentiate between an incorrect connection between N and E on a TN system assuming that is what it is.
I honestly don't know, just throwing an idea in the really confuse the mix... :D


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Can testers differentiate between an incorrect connection between N and E on a TN system assuming that is what it is.
Not with a 2 wire test they can't.

An they wouldn't really be able to prove a fault with 3 wire testing, but could flag a possible warning message if the resistance of one was out of a pre defined tolerance set in the tester.

I believe the <PE> fault you have seen, is an issue where it detects the touch voltage rising on a conductor above safe limits.

This could point to a fault on the DNO side of things, although only speculation. Call Megger an find out what the code means.

Edit: New batteries in the tester? Or if rechargeable, they weren't low?
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