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Hi, I’m just looking for some advice on what can be done. I wouldn’t be touching any of it myself! We are trying to be unlooped and have a fuse upgrade as we have two electric car chargers but northern power grid is now unwilling to do the work due to our meter box being congested! Would we just be able to move things about to create more space and make it neater or would something need to change further. Such as getting a bigger meter box (which I assume would be very expensive) or potentially moving the connections for the Ev chargers out of the meter box? A consumer unit for each Ev charger is on the wall behind the meter box currently. Hopefully someone can help guide us in the right direction so that we can have the work done by the power grid soon!


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That meter box is half the width of a standard meter box so your only option realistically is to replace it with a full size one.

The issue you will have is that the supply will need to be disconnected to allow the old box to be removed and the new one put in before the supply can be reconnected. This is going to need careful co-ordination between northern power grid, the bricklayer to cut the box in and potentially an electrician to reconnect your tails (I don't know if northern power grid would do this or not)
While a new larger box would be ideal, if there was just one set of tails exiting the meter it should be OK. So instead of having the Henley blocks and other stuff added for the car chargers, move it all to the other side of the wall? Split the tails for the chargers inside, with the current monitors for the chargers the other side as well. Possibly some plastic housing or cupboard inside, to keep it all neat & tidy.
I agree with @SJD , if there is only one set of tails leaving the meter going through the wall, they can't really object as there is nothing there that shouldn't be there. It's all happened in the wrong order unfortunately.

An alternative approach - a bigger box isn't an expensive item. It looks like a cavity wall.
If you can get a builder to fit a bigger box next to that one, then the DNO can move the meter into it when they come and joint the cables and unloop things. As a bonus the original box is then vacant for distribution purposes if required.

There are specific cavity wall boxes with a deep enough lip for the hockey stick to be on the outside.
Sometimes the DNO can be persuaded to leave one for the builder or sparks to fit.
The last couple of de-loops that I have been involved with had the single phase supply replaced with a three phase cutout (as I believe the DNOs have been directed to do) which could further affect space problems. This could be a bonus though as WPD had to change the meter cabinet as well on the last one to house the new head all at their expense (they supplied the building contractor for the alterations).
There isn't anything in the box that the DNO can really object to as others have said and they are obliged to de-loop you. Maybe as post 6 suggests improve the presentation by getting it tidied up a bit and then back to the DNO reminding them of their obligations
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