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Hi all,

I am moving a CU from next to the meter to about 1.5 meters away on an adjacent wall. Am I OK to run the meter tails through the ceiling void between the joists (plasterboard ceiling) to the new CU position or is a case of installing an isolator and 25mm swa?

Many thanks


Personally I would be going with a switched fuse, this would allow for a point of isolation and afford the tails some protection rather than relying on the DNO fuse.

Dependant upon the installation method you might be fine with running the tails as they are if not either RCD or SWA.
Then I don't see any technical reason why you would need swa or a switch fuse.
Thank you for response, I just wasn't 100 per cent about the tails being in the ceiling. So as long as they are coming down the wall surface or are buried at more than 50mm in the wall then that's fine as well?
Unless the meter is already at a high level I find it hard to believe the tails will be 3m or less as I generally find - from external meter box to ceiling = 2.5m (includes 0.5m through cavity wall and in meter box)
In ceiling (from what I understand from your post = 1.5m
From ceiling to repositioned consumer unit 0.5m (min)
Total = 4.5m

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