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Chris Ward

Having a clear out of excess stock after a few jobs have ended as I have no room for them, and wont be using them again soon. All stuff is brand new & boxed. Boxes may be a little scuffed in places where they have been on site.

I have for sale:

RCBOS (all 30mA):

Hager -
10x ADC110 10A Type C 10kA
4x ADC120 20A Type C 10kA

Eaton (MEM) -
5x - 10A Type B 10KA
2x EMBH120R30 - 20A Type B 10kA
10x EMBH106R30 - 6a Type B 10kA
9x EMBH132R30C - 32a Type B 10kA

£20 each & I will post them at that.

PM me on here or you can email me on [email protected] (probaly quicker)

If anyone wants these as a job lot, im open to offers but they will need collecting from Nottinghamshire
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