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Anyone know where I can pick one up. Came to look something up today and I can't for the life of me find it.

Contacted my senior engineer and borrowed his for today, but according to him the book is no in use and a watered down version has now replaced it, which can be found here:
HSE - Quarries - Electrical safety in quarries

This page gives practical guidance on electrical safety in higher risk areas in quarries. It does not cover offices or other low risk parts of quarries. The guidance is intended for quarry management, rather than electrical experts. It replaces the Approved Code of Practice (COP 35), which has been withdrawn.

The bit in bold is making me slightly dubious about what my engineer has told me, I did just take his word for it what with him being senior to me, but I can't see it being right.

Now the book was much more in depth with almost everything which is why I would like another copy.

rare breed

From what was explained to me the COP was withdrawn because it was so out of date it might cause other problems and the subject matter is covered in HSR25 and a number of other documents. Unfortunatly not in one convenient place. I was working on a job for the coal board many years ago (not as an electrician) and I asked why they were being thrown out so I am not an expert.


I'm not sure what you are looking for. Is it the Electricity at Work Regs as relating to Mines. Or something specific to the management of mines ie MASHAM I think "Management and Administration of Safety and Health at Mines. I've got old copies of both. I've still got the now obsolete Mines and Quarries regs.


I always used the office copy as and when required.

Might just have to photocopy my seniors book. Can't believe there's none floating around on line to buy. Was hoping there might be a few people on here who no longer need it, would part with it for some money.

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