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Hi there what do you all think is the best/most durable phone
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hello lips welcome to the forum

im currently using a blackberry 8110 but to be honest havent a clue how to use most of the applications, just looks the part and its solid enough to take a knock or two. dont think phones like the iphone are suitable for building sites, drops, knocks dust etc. if was going to upgrade would go back to nokia


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been using nokias for years now but thought i should get" up to date" main concern is do these touchscreens get damaged when rolliing about in lofts or floor ? like to use cameras occasionally to photo dodgy installation that i have to change when customer not present !


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Guys, i use the Nokia N96, and like it very much... I think if i wasn't doing 90% service work i would be definatly opting for a more sturdier phone and one tat has good battery life also...
Like i said, i like the N96 but think my previous phone (sony ericcsson K810i) was a lot better in terms of strength and reliability.
My main issue is my operator itself... Orange:)


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If it's ruggedness your after then that JCB phone is ard as ****. Having said that it is a very basic bit of kit phone wise, i.e you can make calls and text and thats about it.

I have a sony ericsson K850i myself and thats had a battering but hasn't let me down yet.


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I have always used Nokia phones and i used to have one that had a rubber case,no camera but was excellent on-site.Can't remember the model but they should bring them back:D


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I had an LG veiwty on-site, That little thing took a massive hammering! Dropped over 15ft and still functional! I was amazed! Even if it go into a million pieces! Also a very functional phone.


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i had a w810i till i lost it somewhere cheap and bulletproof!


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Hi all - I currently work in for a mobile company and speak to hundreds of users a week, I always try and get user feedback on phones that people are using. I don't work in sales, instead in CS and so like to give facts rather that specs to customers.

My first suggestion is a bar type phone (anything that about houses moving parts are just waiting to go..)
The N76 mentioned above is okay, my issue with that is the back cover doesn't seem strong enough.
Blackberrys 8100 / 8110 - good workhorse handsets. don't worry about aps - use only what you need to.
A good little handset that I'm trying is the SE 702 - Water resistant and dustproof - not bad on specs either for its price.

a good sight for reviews is gsmarena.com - though I'm more than happy to help where I can :eek:)


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I think that any phone that that has screen exposed and is in pocket in our line of work is on borrowed time which is why whenever i am crawling thru attic with my new 8G N95 in pocket and i hear a crunching noise i start to sweat. it really is only a matter of time until it meets its maker. I have to say that brother has just got new iphone and it is the dogs undercarridge.:)
I'm a iphone man but after dropping it for the 15th time and spending £65 just to get it repaired it now spends it days in the house ad only comes out for long journeys. I switched the sim into a sony erricsson J132. Has no features apart from a FM radio which is handy and will bounce down the steps. Key pad is sealed to keep the dust and splashes out and battery lasts for about 4 days. Also at that money throw it away and buy a new one every couple of months.


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Have to agree there.

Would love to have something like that but it just isnt worth it.

Plus the fact its quite big and would dig in every time i bent over.:D

Hence i stick with my Nokia 6300 classic.
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i use a nokia 5140i for work its a few years old now but works fine , in this time it has had a fair amount of abuse and still refuses to give up . its only a basic phone but fine for making calls and texting , i also think that these older nokias seem to get a better signal as my mates new sony struggles for signal where mine seems to always have one.
i also have a htc tytn 2 which is a windows smart phone i know that this wouldnt last 2 mins at work so just keep it for best.
i would check out e bay for a old nokia for work they are easy to unlock for any sim card , and have a good fone for after work w/ends just use the same sim card .
good luck in sorting one out

Adam W

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I don't understand why nobody (except, it seems, me) uses cases to protect their phones anymore; years ago when phones were built like bricks everyone had one, now they're more like palmtop computers with delicate colour screens nobody seems to bother.
I've had a nokia 6500 classic for almost a year now. Take it out of the case and it still looks brand new.

Apparently the duraphone duraPHONE - For a Tough Working Enviroment is like the JCB phone but better, although you have to buy it sim-free.
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