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The Phase 2A consultantion is not clear on the multi rate, i.e. above 25 installations. Does anyone know whether you would receive the higher rate for installations 1 to 25 (i.e. those registered first) and then the reduced rate for those instalations 26 onwards OR the lower rate for all of them?


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The reduction applies from the 26th site onwards. But it also depends on the date that you apply for a system to be accredited (i.e. a FiTs application submitted to a FiTs Licensee or a ROO-FIT application to OFGEM).

If you were to apply for 26 (or more) sites all on the same date then the lower rate would apply to all of them. (It would be pretty stupid to do this!)

If you were to apply for 25 sites (on a single day or over a period of time) then the higher rate would apply for all of those 25 sites and only any subsequent sites would then get the lower rate.

The relevant text is in section 11 of the latest Standard Conditions document - http://www.decc.gov.uk/assets/decc/Consultations/fits-review/4324-feedin-tariff--licence-modifications-.pdf

Not all FiT Licensees might apply the rules in this strict manner though.

As a general rule tariffs are always 'locked-in' at the time of application.
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