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Hi everyone I've got a few questions about the qualifications that I have

I finished my apprenticeship in 2008, I did a 4year day release course C&G2330 lvl2&3 and have loads of certificates from all the units and the final lvl2 & lvl3 certs along with lots of other cert liek EAL and OCR.
I also have the 17th edition certificate.
Also got the 2391 Inspection and Testing as well.
I've worked as an electrician for over 8years now (inc apprenticeship) in all areas of the industry so have a fair bit of experience.

I was looking into getting jib/ecs card as I am job hunting at the moment and a lot of them demand you have one for some reason, reading through the JIB/ECS application it seems to class the AM1 & AM2 as the main qualifications and treats my 2330lvl3 as a lower qualification.

Unless I am misread something unless I do the AM2 course I would get a card that says 'approved trainee' which, as you can imagine, I wouldn't be happy with as I have worked very hard to get to my current ability.

Can anyone shed any light on whether my qualifications are rubbish, if I need to do the AM2 or am I just misunderstanding things and will get the 'approved electrician' card with my current qualifications.



It's the NVQ L3 you need to be eligible for electrician or approved electrician status with the JIB.


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In no way am i judging your abilities and skills here but agree withh the need to pass AM2, if it still works the same as i did it 20yrs ago then the AM2 (Achievment measurement) was the passport to getting classed as an electrician as some people excell at theory and exam papers but when it comes to the practical side of things they show their weaknesses and as this could be a health and safety risk then as well as the theory side it is essential to proof you skill.
Dont worry though too much, if you have yrs onsite experience then a majority of the AM2 should be a breeze just get a guide to see if there are any areas you havent covered on site.


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like lenny says - you need the nvq level 3. don't worry about the am2, you won't need it to get your electrician status with the jib. after a couple of years operating as an electrician, your 2391 cert' will allow you to apply for approved status. if you want to do the am2, there are plenty of places that offer it. it's a bit pricey though.
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