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I have been giving thought to training to be an electrician for some time. I'm approaching my forties, I work full time in a shift work type of job so 1 week I might be starting work at 5am the next week I could be finishing at 1am. I have a wife and 2 kids so quiting my current job is not an option in fact I intend to remian in my current job. I want to train to be able to carry out electrical work in my spare time including installation, maintenance and testing in my local residential area and maybe light jobs for some of the local small businesses.

I have spotted a course at tradeskills4u.co.uk:

It consists of the following:

The 4 Day Foundation,
(Part of the domestic Installers job is testing and inspection of existing installations and testing your own work, using Multi Meters, Continuity testers, RCD and Impedance testers. This course includes the practical training of the 2 day course plus 2 days testing and inspection training. This is invaluable particularly if you haven't had the opportunity to use test equipment previously).

The 5 Day part P, VRQ qualification course, is the certificate that indicates your competency. When you decide to register as a Domestic Electrical Installer and start to self certify your installations, this Certificate will be your proof of your competency.

The 3 Day, 17 th Edition Wiring Regulations Course. City & Guilds Certificate 2382. Every practicing electrician must have their wiring regs certificate ( 17th Edition ) and your no exception. This short course is classroom based with an online test and will take you to qualification to obtain your 17th edition wiring regs.

Taken together over 12 days you will leave our center with a fistful of relevant and valuable qualifications. Using this course group if successful you will be able to apply for registration to the NICEIC, Napit, Elecsa etc with confidence, knowing you have acquired all the paperwork necessary to become a registered electrical installer.

Has anyone recieved training from this company? Would this course be sufficient for me to do the type of work I detailed at the top of the post.

Finally thanks in advance to you all and excellent forums, a great find for me.


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Let's keep this near the top until someone can give him a good informative answer.

Welcome to the site chillihound


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Hello chillihound and welcome..
To answer your question..you need to go to course feedback...very good posted by jivah, he just completed a course there...he also rated 9/10...
I'm also in the same situation like you...searching for the best place to do the course.
I'm thinking to join ABLE SKILL, because it nearest to me. since reading the posted by jivah...sound interesting.
Check it out .....hope this will help....


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Thanks guys for the replies and best of luck with your courses
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