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does anyone know anything about New Career Skills? I have decided to change career and enroll on an electrical course. NCS seems very appealing but the high price ,£6000, in comparison with other training providers is a bit worrying. Are they really the best on the market? :confused: Has anyone done a course with these people? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your time

ggvolt :)
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Havent got feedback on NCS, but wondered if you signed up to do their course and how you found it?
I'm as you were when you posted, are they actually any good??


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I'm looking in to New Career Skills too. I met them at an exhibition today and they come across as a good organisation. The rep I spoke to seemed to think I could do the electrician course full time over the next 6-8 months and become fully qual and be ready to go out and do jobs on my own. Not sure how realisitic this is. I am lookingto re-train and will be taking a salary drop so am keen to get up to speed quickly however I am being wary of over-promises...Please let me know if you get any feedback


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hi,i did the course and can say i found it excellent.you can do it at your own pace and as a mature student they didn't make you feel stupid when you asked them to explain things again.but do try to get in toe with a sparky while you train.the things you learn you can't find in a book:)


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thanks for that - when did you do the course and how long did it take you?
Were you working at the same time?
I'm doing the course right now, very good and you can learn at your own pace, which is good. I have passed 3 out of the 5 levels, and have found the surport, e-mail and phone to be very good indee. All e-mails were answered within 24 hrs and they are happy to call you back any time.

If you are thinking about it, just stop thinking and get going.


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new career skill are really good yes the cost is high but its good value for money just finished mycourse


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I've just finished with New Career Skills. Paid £6k and got C&G 2382 17th edition, PAT testing and EAL Domestic installer.

Course was ok and you work at your own pace. There is an optional C&G 2392 for another £200 which I've signed up for, but not sure if you need it as 2391 is the better one and they don't do that one. They're training for domestic installers only.

I started it in late Dec 2008 and finished in July, so took about 7 months.

Just need to find a job now, but they're saying it's best to stay where you are until things pick up.

I just need to get some experience as a sparky mate now. Just wanna get out there and do the job, but aparantly there's too many sparks in the SE so I might struggle. :(

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