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New electric heating system

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Advice being sought.

I've been asked to price up a new heating system for a local village hall.
At the moment they have high wall mounted panels that don't work too well. (the committee that run the hall say half of them don't work anyway)

I picked up a brochure from the wholesalers for Rointe Kyros radiators.
Anyone had experience with these and are they as efficient as the brochure makes out?

The hall is in a rural village, no gas or oil tank.


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Electric heating is efficient but still pricey to run. I normally fit Haverland over Rointe. Have they not thought about an air source heat pump and wet system or electric boiler and a wet system?


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I don't think they would get a grant for a wet system however its heated.
They will be looking at costs and if its cheaper to alter whats there rather than a complete new system, that's what they will go for.

Its just the hall. The kitchen area and toilets were renovated recently and new heaters put in then.

I'll look at Haverland next week.


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This what I am installing in the Shed:

580W Classic Infrared Heating Panel - https://www.suryaheating.co.uk/580w-classic-infrared-heating-panel.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwkMbaBRBAEiwAlH5v_kQN7TQcdsU9XQYkXw51kGD9KG1kNO2l8Ohbojl7OY2TEXlTkxzo9BoCa1UQAvD_BwE

Architect says they are ideal for village halls etc which is why he specified them, and I love them because they are easy ceiling mount...maybe, when I actually get to install them in about 3 weeks' time I might not like them so much, but I'll let you know.


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Re #5.
I think the panels they have up just now are infra red... Seems to ring a bell.
Maybe somebody more scientific can confirm something.
Is it right in saying infra red only heats bodies up, not the space around them?? More specifically, people feel the heat on their skin.
So any room thermostat would never heat up, and the heaters would be running constantly.

That may be complete BS, but I seem to remember somebody saying something along those lines.

The ceiling mount will have to stay. I'm thinking if they have kids in the hall, cant have anything hot where they can touch. I suppose an attractive wire mesh guard would be ok to keep them off.

Funny story;- Previous employment in Dundee. Company had a contract to maintain the local high schools. One day I had to go in to repair any faulty storage heaters.
Most were just missing the control dials, but one was found to have no front panel.
It was outside. The kids had tore it off and were using it as a sledge. Nice and warm.


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install a log burner, then all the villagers can bring in their scrap Ikea wardrobes and other gash furniture. free heat. could also run some radiators off it.


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went ages ago. £100. buyer collected.

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