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Anybody else picked up on this yet?

Here's from another forum:

(thanks ecogen)

G83/2 is due to be issued around mid March. Consultation closes Friday 3rd March

http://www.energynetworks.info/stor...tions/ER G83 - public_consultation_211211.zip

Installers and other interested parties may wish to look at the wording in,
5.1 Connection Procedure. 5.1.1 Single Connection Procedure.
5.8 Voltage Unbalance.
Appendix 1 connection procedure flow chart.
ER G83 - public_consultation_211211
2.8 Voltage Unbalance.

My concern is the meaning of single customers installation and single installations.
Customers installation is defined in 4. Definitions. The electrical installation on the Customer's side of the Exit Point together with any equipment permanently connected or intended to be permanently connected thereto.

Does the word single now make these the only SSEG on a transformer or feeder?
G831/1 Annex A allows for the DNO to propose changes / reinforcements in the event that a SSEG causes operational difficulties. This was seen in part to conflict with install and notify. Annex A has been significantly revised in G83/2 with this and other sections removed or integrated elsewhere in the document.
If single does mean the only SSEG on a feeder or transformer then the installer would in effect have to contact the DNO in advance to find out if a SSEG is in commission.
4. Definitions. Close Geographic Region. 3) Has a PV installation been commissioned within 500 metres of the proposal.
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See also this from Martin Cotterell of Sundog

The draft includes a number of significant changes from G83/1-1, including:
Inverter requirements
• Two-stage protection settings – aligned with G59/2 (based on 230Vac nom)
• New short circuit current contribution test
• New frequency drift and step change stability test
• 180s start up delay shortened to “20 – 60 seconds”
• DC injection limit adjusted (20mA limit for generators up to 2kW; Larger systems – 0.25% of the AC current rating of the device) • Power quality tests (including DC injection) to be done with a minimum system of 2kW. Where an inverter is less than 2kW – inverters to be tested in a group • Adoption of BS EN 62116 anti-islanding test procedure
Connection requirements
• Clarification and renaming of 2 stage application process … to make it clearer and easier
• Clarification on definition of “close geographical region”
• Significantly simplified application forms
• Requirement for AC isolator next to consumer unit to change to isolator located “in an accessible location”
Martin's original post here:
ER G83/2 draft for public consultation - The solar PV blog » The solar PV blog


I mentioned it a couple of months ago in the SL - http://www.electriciansforums.net/sun-lounge/57095-g83-2-a.html for those with access. The last I heard the ENA were awaiting approval from OFGEM to actually issue it which was expected 1st June but that has obviously not happened yet for some reason.


Had an MCS visit today, assessor seemed to think pre-notification of G83 systems would be a requirement in the future.


Great stuff. I have no doubt all those idiots that refuse to pre-notify have caused that.

Another issue which will hold up installs.
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Reply to New ER G83/2 2012 in the Solar PV Forum | Solar Panels Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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