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Right this is a bit of strange one but i honestly have no one else to turn to. I also wasnt sure where to post this.

So i got a new job.. finally. Its down in birmingham (im from glasgow)
I qualified in feburary and basically ive been out of the game since then (workin in a pub)
The issue is this....
I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in june and i dont know if i should tell my future employers?
I mean im relatively fine, i can walk and run and things, looking at me you'd never be able to tell i have this. Im one of the lucky ones (for now at least)

Underneath the normal exterior i suffer from slight dizziness and occasional fatigue if i get too hot.
I hate talkin to people about it, goin into the spiel so whenever possible i avoid mentioning it.

The whole scenario is stressing me out.. wondering if im still as good as i was, if i'll manage. Its basically make or break.
This is something that i have to do though, i have to try. If i dont manage i'll be hurt and if i dont go through with it then it'll hurt me just same.

Any thoughts?
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think that you have to take advice from your GP. coupled with how you feel in yourself. only you know your capabilities. personally. i would go for whatever you can.

i am recovering from a recent heart attack. all around are treating me like an invalid, when all i want is to get back to work.
neon good luck in what ever you decide


My employment law knowledge in this area is dated also I have a bad memory but: I think that your new employer has to keep you on under the disability legislation. It is the small print that I cannot remember regarding being a danger to yourself or others with the nature of the work being undertaken. However I would recommend that you need to tell your employer so that they can be aware of any potential problems. If it is a large employer there should be fewer problems than with a small employer.

You could also try the citizens advice bureau to get some proper advice.

Good luck with what ever you do.

alarm man

you must tell any employer of any conditions,not just for your sake but also theirs,theres many laws relating to discrimination,you could take advice from the cab but if you feel it could be a problem in the future id join a union,but if you dont tell them and they assume your fit and healthy and something happens you may well not have any comeback,a good employer will help you
Or, join the company take the second Monday morning off for a doctor's appointment and surprise surprise you were diagnosed that morning, jobs a goodun:)
On a serious note though mate get proper advice from someone specialising in employment law.


If i was to ever to employ someone i'd like to be told of any health issue's so at least then i wouldn't be put into a position where i end up putting that employee onto the wrong job (for example in your case with the dizzyness issue's i'd not put yourself up a scaffold etc).

Admittedly it's only my opinion but it wouldn't stop me employing yourself....i'd just have a to be more choosey which job's i put you on.....then again i'm one of those that prefer's honesty.....'onest.

As Trev said,best to seek professional advice.

Richard Burns

Well done on getting a job, this should make you less stressed not more!
You need to have confidence in what you can do, you will know the likely progress advice you will have had from your doctor and so you should know what is possible for you now. From what you say it sounds like you would be able to do the job and this is the key part, you can do it.
This is what you can do, go for it.

I think you really do need to let your employer know about this, if you are working for a big company then ask to have a confidential meeting with your personnel/HR/people representative.
This is confidential medical information and should not be available to anyone who does not need to know.

However your employers do need to know, for instance, not to give you a full weeks job in an enclosed loft in high summer. If you have not told them, how are they able to accommodate in any way? This would make your life harder and more dangerous.

Get some competent advice (which mine is not!) regarding employment law and follow that advice, overall it will make your life easier and less stressful; which is all anyone can hope for at the moment.
Your employer must be informed of any medical condition which may affect your job, and at some point, this will.
I wish you all the best :)


well the long and short of it is this:
You may be working on or near energised components...testing maybe?
Then theres the working at heights issue...mentioned already
Then theres the care for yourself (and others around you including other trades)
but theres also this:
You still feel capable of doing the job safely
You want to feel like a valued member of the public (earning an honest living)
You have the knowledge to carry out the work correctly

Your call.....
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Right so i head down tomorrow at half 5 in the morning.
The job is wiring up tv walls at the back of tesco 24 hour stores.
To be honest i spoke to the guy the other day and i think the job will be straight forward (hopefully)
Working all over england and wales though possibly 12 hour shifts,i'll see how it goes.
Least i'll be making good cash
Ive decided at this point not to tell them about the MS


The Equality Act ensures that employers cannot discriminate against people who are disabled, including job applicants, contract workers and existing employees. Your employer cannot treat you differently from other employees.
If you have been diagnosed with MS you are automatically covered under the EA.
You do not have to tell your employer.
However if you don’t tell your employer, they may not be able to help you to do your job as well as you can. Therefore, if you have difficulties in your work or you’re treated unfavorably, you may find it harder to solve the problem or make a formal complaint as your employer can say that they didn’t know about your disability.
If you tell your employer, they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments at your workplace so you’re not at a disadvantage to other employees.
Under HSW Act, Workers have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions at work. If for example, you became dizy (because of your complaint) and fell from a ladder, you may not have a leg to stand on, excuss the pun.

Whilst I understand your desire to have gameful employment and to be treated fairly, you should be honest with yourself and others.

I would call the Acas employee helpline who can talk it through with you. The service is free: Tel: 08457 47 47 47
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Reply to New job.. and i need some advice in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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