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Hi was at a job today were they had a new meter fitted by SEB yesterday installed a temporary socket for the builders and found polarity was wrong had a look at the meter and found this thank god for testing have reconnected it the correct way how the f+++ can he have made that mistake its even marked with red tape


Reverse polarity is a sackable offence according to the meter fitter i was chatting to a few weeks ago.
Good job you have a photo , are you going to send it to SEB lol ?


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Absolutely appalling. The NICEIC, the Electrical Safety Council and others have been petitioning the Authorities to only permit Registered Companies to complete the install of meters but its all falling on deaf ears. If this isn't a clear argument for, what is?

PS - Is it still sealed? lol


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Some years ago I was on OFFER (the old Regulator) for Eastern England and I found a couple of terrible meter installations that I considered to be dangerous. The inspector for EdF agreed. When I asked how could a trained electrician do such a stupidly bad job he said that at that time EdF were training unemployed people in 4 weeks to change meters and they did not need any other electrical training! I think things have got better since then in the UK. Recently in the USA there have been number of house fires due to bad connections on newly installed smart meters - and it turns out the same thing had been happening - the meter changers were not qualified electricians or electrical engineering technicians - just practical people trained to change meters.


It's true you do not have to be a trained electrician, all training given when taken on.

I worked for a DNO for a while and it was a sack-able offense, no if's or buts.
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