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Can i put a 13amp plug on this oven and plug into a normal socket?
Thanks in advance

Electrical installationThis product requires hardwiring to a 13 Amp fuse and should be installed by a qualified installer, such as one of our Team Knowhow experts.Power supply13 Amp (Requires hardwiring to a fused spur)
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If the manufacturer says to put it on a FCU put it on a FCU.

I'm guessing they are concerned about the connection from socket to plug not being 100% and producing some heat.
Blissof89 - I guess your opinion is correct.

The regs say you must follow manufacturer instructions, no? So there's no choice really.
Telectrix - ignore? Can't you see that opening a can of worms? If a manufacturer from China can't make a manual would you be happy about your neighbour in the flat downstairs installing their products?

Also it might affect your insurance premium if sh*t happened.


Hi Dee - although the plug and socket is rated 13A same as the fused connection unit, the fcu will likely take the load better over time. Out of interest can I ask make and model of oven please?

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Cover your a**e and install an FCU. Let's say the oven was found to be the cause of a fire, the loss assessor's main objective will be to find escape clauses so the insurance company he/she represents (that happily take your premium each year), don't have to cough up. If you put a BS1363 plugtop on it, you have contravened Reg. 510.3 and it may come back and bite you.

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Ok, well I google translated the above text, thinking our Tel had written something inspiring or intelligent...

Turns out it means "Lots of parrots"
Oh, I thought the first bit meant “man sit down, make phone call and listen”, not sure about the rest of it...
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Not the MI then?
I guess this is a non issue, unless the instructions for country X specifically stipulate a hard wired connection, where there is no such thing in country X and their wiring regs have a clause equivalent to our 510.3. Does this scenario exist? Most instruction booklets nowadays feature a few pages for a dozen or more countries.

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No, they usually have foreign language translations of the English instructions.
George, please accept my apologies, I didn't appreciate your multi lingual skillset. :oops:
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