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just saying hello fed up of sparky resurrection so having a nose on here


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Hello Tony,

Welcome to the site, hope you find it interesting, informative and helpful.


Evening all!! Sorry about not introducing myself first; didn't notice the INTRODUCE YOURSELF thread. Been self employed for a few years in London all single phase stuff, did 2 years at college from 2000 but couldn't finish because I needed a job as a learner but couldn't get one cos I was too old (30)!!Have taught myself( not to be recommended) just finished my 2391 at local college luckily with my tutor from college. Hope all has gone well. If I mess up on my posts please tell me but also try to explain why


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hi snogs here, missed the part on "welcome forum" sorry about that. talk to you soon.


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hi everyone, im towny,
hoping to take the final step into becoming a sparky.
im 28 and in final couple of months of 2330 level 2 course(doing night course), also upgrading to 17th in may and got 2391 and Pat course(does that mean howt) under my belt.
pretty scared about the final step as will after go selfemployed(cant find job with any electrical company).
thinking about just getting part p so everything is legal, but will cost about a grand as need test equipment and books. alot of cash as will only be part time cos cant aford to leave my job( sign fitter).
thought the route into the trade would be alot easyer after 7 years in the army as vehicle electrician, i was massivaly wrong ha ha.
any advise would be more than wecome and a push into the right direction. looking forward to picking your brains.


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Hello Stedger here. Electrician in Newcastle upon Tyne area. Started out in the domestic market with my brother about a year ago after 10 years in industry. More of a change than i thought it would be! Nice to be your own boss, but it does bring the pressure.
I heard this was a great place for advice and tips, and from what i have read so far, this place is all that and more.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello.


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hi all,

i'm 36 years old, re-training as an electrician. just completed 2330 level 2. only got to do level 3, 2391 levels 2&3, 17th Regs & find a job......easy :eek:

Andy Smith

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Hi everyone, my name is Andy. I have been an electrical mechanical engineer for 25 years. I have an HND in Electrical Electronic Engineering. Also got 236 parts 1 and 2 resently passed 17th edition and have just found out that i have got my 2391 under my belt. pretty amazed at that as its seems a hard exam to pass. Mind you now i have it im not quite sure what it means to me or allows me to do. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. presently employed as a maintenance engineering manager in a subsidury company of approximatley 200 people.

james hayes

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Hi everyone!!!!!! Im James and im currently studying to become a sparky, Ive just completed my first year and im loving it, i live in the North west not too far from leeds and im almost 30...gulp!!!!! i should of done this a long time ago as id forgotten how complex the maths side is especially when it comes to multiples and sub multiple base units and power equations...............
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