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I'm doing my usual nonsense by obsessing about something months in advance. :D
I'm due to change my van in January.
I have a VW Transporter that I am more than happy with but it's a lease and has to go.
Given the choice I'd just get another VW but it looks like the next Transporter is a Transit custom under another name.
Does anyone have the new Ford Transit Custom?
If so what are your thoughts?
I'm getting my new Transit on Monday. I can give you my first thoughts on it next week. 4 of the other guys with me have already had theirs. They seem impressed. I'm not sure if I like the digital dash though.
Well, first impression isn't good. The square steering wheel feels really awkward. The seating position may be okay if you are tall but bad for me (5' 5"). The seat is way too low and no height adjustment. The seat belt also has no height adjustment so rests on my neck. Both of these were in the basic model of the previous Transit. The doors have to be slammed quite hard to shut. The 'Lane departure' control seems way too aggressive. If you don't turn off the speed warning thing it'll nag you whenever you go over the limit. The fuel gauge is confusing (digital dash). The electric handbrake doesnt auto release. Okay, I'll probably get used to things but they seem to be using tech when it isn't needed. Even the back nearside door now uses a button and motor to open where the old one just had a handle. Once I've done a few more miles I'll see how I feel but at the moment would rather have my old van back
You could do with one of these, @Moley

These elevator trainers will make you look 3 inches taller and also allow you to reach the pedals.
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After a bit more driving I can say that I really dislike the 'square' steering wheel. On the plus side the gearbox is really smooth.
You could do with one of these, @Moley

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You jest, but my wife isn't much above the minimum height to be allowed in a car without a booster seat, and she does actually sit on a proper booster cushion (one without the wings) when in the passenger or driver's seat. The seat adjustment is enough to let her reach the pedals OK, but the seat belt, although adjusting in height automatically, still rides too high up her neck without it.
I'm getting to dislike the new Transit more each time I drive it. If you forget to disable the speed limit warning each time you drive it'll start 'chiming' at you as soon as you go a couple of mph over what it thinks is the speed limit. On the shortish runs I've been on so far it's got the speed limit wrong about 30% of the time.
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