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Hi All

I've found mysef here because I'm considering a change of career at the tender age of 47. I've been running the family business for the last 15 years or so but we've sold up and moved on from that.

I've sigend up for a Level 2 Electrical Installation diploma - 1 year / two evenings per week. My situation has changed since signing up for the year long L2 course and I now think I should kick things up a gear and switch to a fast track L2 / L3 Course.

I will have plenty of questions, but for now I'm going to try to gather up as much as I can by reviewing other peoples qeries,



if you feel competent to go straight into level 3, go for it. maybe have a word with the college tutors first.
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Hi Lou,Thanks for the welcome. I'll do that right away, but thought I needed a few posts out here in the regular forums first.
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Thanks Telectrix, I'd wondered about that.

I feel comfortable in the course I'm doing - by comfortable I mean that I'm not feeling too stretched, mainly because I have plenty of time between lessons to keep up with background reading etc. But I'm not sure if my knowledge of electrical installations is sufficient to bypass Level 2 - I will chat to my course tutor.

I feel a sense of urgency because I'm nearly 50 which means I have two decades of my working life remaining.

Having sold our family business I've got time on my hands and I feel that I could be using it more effectively and progress a little quicker through my training.

Thanks again

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