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Hello one and all,

Saw this site and it looks good so thought I'd join. Just about to embark on a new career as a spark when I leave the RAF in June, Done my 17th edition, PAT testing and a DEI Part P course already and just about to do my Insp and Test course in a couple of weeks too!!

Bit nervous about career change considering current economic climate but has to be done as I'm relocating back home to Sheffield. Got quite a bit of experience installing before I joinjed the RAF and always kept my hand in but only now do I have the qualifications!!!

Lets hope I can get a job or might have to try and go self employed!!! ooo errr!!! Seems a bit risky to me!!!

Hope I can be as much use to you in the future as I'm sure you are going to be to me!!!

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Hi Stu and welcome to the forums..

You are one of many thinking of a career change and its a help that you have all your quals up to date.

However, there are many qualified and time served electricians struggling to get work at the moment, given the current situation, but with perseverance you shouldnt have too much trouble.

Although it may be a while.

Good luck.

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