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now ive seen the other thread about nic or eca but im not interested in the eca.

my and friend and work mate are going on our own about april ish. im trying to sort out the nic but every time i phone them they tell something different i will need and to be quite frank im getting very ****ed off with them.:mad:

ive got the part p document waiting to be printed off, the tester is calibrated ive got the osg gn3 bs7671. public liabity 2mil and the 2 houses are my own with a rewire .......... well a partial rewire the only bit not done is the kitchen which will get done in the next couple of years when i get a new fitted. by the way the kitchen is on a radial 2.5mm, all my earthing is correct but no bathroom bonding as its all plastic pipes.

my biggest ****off is the nic says i have to inform the council about the rewire and when i spoke to the council today then say they might have to have a look and its £150 :eek::mad:

now my mates house has had a mains swap which we are going to use all his earthing is correct but he is with selby council and i dont know if they will want a visit.

we dont want to inform the councils we just want the nic to come round and go through what they have to do and pay them.

now ive been looking at napit. napit i can do the pir straight away and it all looks a lot simpler. napit isnt as recognised as nic and they dont seem to need as much.
im going to give them a ring tomorrow and see what they have to say.

anybody with any experiance on these.

and with the first time inspections what can i expect.

how deep will they look.

does anybody else have trouble with nic website its very slow for me.
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the council bit is a Part P requirement

Napit is nowhere near as big as the NIC, but you pays your money, you takes your choice!!!


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i know what you say shakey but ive been reading up on both and speaking to both and ive come to the conclusion that nic have become too big and are resting on thier laurals and also the amount of money they want for what you get its not the best option.

napit seem to upcoming and are trying to do thier best and have things in the pipeline.
so napit it is.


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I will go with Napit. I have friends who are in both NIC and Napit and Napit is much more 'friendly'. NIC is too big and impersonal now.
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