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Hi Sparkies Please can anyone tell me how often a nightclub should have a periodic inspection carried out. I thought that if a property had a public entertainment licence that it was every year, but I have also been told every 5 years.

Muchas grasias


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Welcome to the site Lee.
Bit of a heavy question to start off with.
Before you carry out an inspection I would confirm what licence the property has and what local regulations are in force as licencing officers and councils vary. You are correct in that a PE is every year.
You state a public entertainment but normally that is for a pub or such with a late licence and side entertainment, If you really mean a nightclub it would normally have a MSD (music, song & dance) licence and they will differ by quite a bit in that PVC is not normally allowed in a MSD along with other regulations so best to find out what you are testing for to be armed with the correct information.
Hope that helps for a short answer.
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