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Been a long day, was doing a "routine" EICR, 12way TP DB, warehouse and offices. Going well just a couple of 400V labels and a missing earth in a light switch and was down to the last circuit "office ring" on C32.
Thought be home for 3:00pm, however got the wires out of the DB and no continuity on CPC. After a bit of faffing about in the ceiling void eventually pinned it down between two sockets, but nothing wrong with wiring at sockets, checked ceiling void for roses, checked those still no joy. Confidence is slipping now so i get some earth cable out of the car and run across the floor to confirm i am not going mad. Sure enough continuity comes with my cable across the floor. Traced the cable in the ceiling void, looks OK, then noticed something that made my stomach drop and straight out for a fag.
Ceiling muppet had put a nail straight through cable. Been like that for years.
Couldn't get the cable out (cos its nailed in), so thought hey dont like rings anyway and converted it to two radials after re-jigging all the breakers in the board (old QOE) managed to get rid of C32 and replace with C20 and B16, ZSs all good.
Here's a pic, the nail is going through the wood battern, not the rusty cable clip above.nail_through_cable2.jpg
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This client i fix as i go along, replaced several tubes, fixed the missing earth in light switch, labelled it all up - so client gets a satisfactory. Much cheaper and simpler than closing everything up and coming back 2 weeks later.
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Thats a beauty.

Initial verification must have been a 'drive by'!!!
Think the initial not the culprit, it had two PIRs prior to mine, so my guess is its been like that for between 12 and 20 years. Cables are red and black. My client moved in a couple of years ago.

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