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Does anyone have the portfolio requirements, So I can start taking pics and collecting evidence



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HI Mate theres 8 differant parts to take pictures of and do write ups for 1 Ensure safe site working 2 Diagnose and correct faults in electrotechnical systems and equipment 3 Provide technical and functional information to people about electrotechnical sytems and equiptment 4 Maintain a safe and healthy working enviroment 5 Prepare to install wiring systems and equiptment 6 Install electrical wiring systems wiring enclosures and equipment 7 Connect wiring systems and equiptment using safe and approved methods 8 Inspect test and commission an electrician installation .
1-8 have to be completed in domestic commercial and industrial, all your pictures have to be countersigned by your senior electrician/supervisor, they like you to present your photos in role play mode (easy to follow) here is an example for no5 Picture copy job sheet and plans, picture of you and electrician discussing plans and maybe veiwing site, copy of materials list and what labour will be required ie spark and mate 5 days , picture of you and all materials with a copy of suppliers invoice, add some supporting material ie manufacturers data with bs numbers or ip ratings to show youhave selected the correct equiptment suitable for the job coinciding with the plans (if you Have plans).
its straight forward , you can never take to many pictures another quick example for no7 take pictures of cables before there stripped, picture of you stripping them picture of you connecting them a picture of the electrician checking your connections then a close up picture of your connections, supporting evidence of this would be in your write up quoting reg numbers and the regulaions on good connections.
your write up wil basically explain the photos in detai lbut you will need to wait for your paperwork for that hope this helps mate.
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