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This is a vague one at the moment which needs further investigation (before anyone says it, the installation is securely isolated while we complete the work!).

We supply valves, actuators and loggers for water treatment sites. We're recommissioning an old logger which is situated a fair way from the main buildings on site, 3 phase fed from the client's board, the feed to our side of things is SWA run in underground ducting. When testing the incomer up to our installation (so our main switch is off), we're seeing 400/230 as expected but getting a bit of a snap / arc between 2 of the phases when measuring, and getting very unusual PFC (like 2A). As I say, it's a bit vague until we can get back for more in-depth testing (and gain access to the site's board!) but wondered if anyone would have any thoughts on what may be causing it on the basis of what limited info we have so far? (We're confident that our side is fine, by the way - all terminations tight etc. etc.)

Cheers in advance.
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sounds like it may be a broken/loose connection on 1 of the phases at the supply end or a damaged cable from supply.
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