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Off grid solar and grid and bonding

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I am living in the north of Thailand where the grid is very unreliable (rainy season outages multiple times per week or once a full week). I started with solar and grid 8 years ago. At that time it was integrated but with lead batteries at some point the batteries were bad and the grid tried to continuously charge them resulting in a high bill.

Then we expanded the house and changed the solar to LifePo4. At this time grid was separately from solar.

This year, we expanded the solar as we wanted more power during the forrest fire season as we need to run aircon and air filters to counter the bad air quality. But because of this, I found out that the setup was not good. So thinking of changing it.

I will explain the idea as shown below:

We basically have 4 circuits thus 4 breaker boxes:
  • Barn which is a little away from the house has it's own breaker box (Barn breaker).
  • The original house has it's own breaker box (House 1 breaker)
  • the house extension has it's own breaker box (house 2 breaker)
  • and the final circuit is in house 1 and 2. to this we have extra sockets, 2 aircons, and water heaters for the showers, Thus if something goes wrong with box 1 or 2, we still have power on the extra sockets.

In general, we have 4 sources:
  • Grid which in general we don't want to use and is very unreliable
  • Orignal inverter which we want in general to use for house 1 and house 2 breaker
  • new interter which we want to use for aircon breaker
  • Vehicle to Load which is for absolute emergency which we would use on house 1 and 2 but we would disconnect all equipment except for the absolute necessary things.

In the setup we have 1 ground and bonding to 3 sources (not the EV). But because of the manual and automatic transfer switch I believe only 1 bonding per active circuit.


Is this a correct setup? any other suggestions?

As an alternative I was thinking of changing the ATS to a changeover switch without buildin breakers and have the breaker external. In this way I could also switch the ground:
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