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Has anyone done 2330 level 3 fault finding with olci? Is it hard?! I heard it's pretty tough! Cheers


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HI Ed funnily enough I've just completed the assessment today nothing too [FONT=&amp]difficult as long as you are methodical with your approach!!! which centre are you taking it at?

there is alot of paperwork involved though not just the standard certs alot for city and guilds aswell


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Regardless of the route of education the C&G exam specs are the same.

Ed you will be asked to fault find on a rig like this

That's a 2391 rig btw but you get the idea.

The examiner will introduce a fault on one or two circuits via a fish tail grid switch (dont concern yourself about that, but at least you now know). These are dead tests so concentrate on that side (besides its fault finding so it should be dead).

Think about what the fault could be and how to find it with the mft that you have. IR test at the cu (with all lamps/loads removed) will identify a dead short. Easy and quick test to do on the terminals of a mcb. Continuity test of each conductor to each other will reveal the short.

These are just basics of fault finding, us lot on here could write a book. But for the level 3 exam just think methodically and break each circuit down to itself and test away until you find it.

Good luck Ed, don't panic, its only electrics ;).


Thanks all. Just did some at college it's fairly simple faults by the looks of it. Ir and cont tests for most if not all faults!
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