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Hello everybody, I'm Phil

Currently looking down the barrel of the redundancy gun and waiting for it to go off!:(

I'm actually an accountant by qualification but a fixer by inclination so I've decided to go life-changer and do something about getting a job with real satisfaction. So that will be an electrician then.:)

For the moment, I'm just looking at all the relevant courses and qualifications (2381, 2391-10, 2392 etc - you'd have thought being a man of numbers, I'd have no trouble with these!)

Will keep you posted, but if anyone has any good suggestions for a way forward they'd be very welcome.

I'm not a complete duffer, though. I've rewired all my homes to date - I buy old restoration projects - rewired my Miele dishwasher with the loom and controller from one I found on ebay for £4, circumnavigated a duff PCB on the central heating boiler and designed and fitted the CH controls from scratch. Sorry, bigging myself up a bit, there. Laters
hiya, why not start off as an electricians mate? study at home for the exams, and take them when your ready? theres also alot of courses around too, check the courses area


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I teach the EAL Domestic Electric Installers course at £995
2382 (17th edition regs) at £495
2392 (Fundamental inpection and testing) at about £500
and 2391 Inspection and testing at £990

We get a lot of redundant 'career changers'

Dont know where you live, I am in Cardiff. Our redundant guys come to us on a scheme called ReAct, which gives them up to £2.5K in funding for retraining.

You may have a similar scheme, but its a good way of doing some intensive training and getting qualified. THEN go and spend six months working for a sparks bashing bits out of walls!!!:)


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Thanks Tony and Luke

I'm certainly looking at all the courses. I'm in the East Midlands so have found a couple of likely looking courses in Chesterfield. Anyone know of any good "teach yourself at Home" type courses. I've looked at a couple of CD based courses but have seen mixed reviews.

Looks like the "gun" goes off on Monday so I'll have a better idea of the situation then - especially the £££ bit

Keep you posted. I'm looking forward to this forum, it's nice to know there are a few friends about to share things with.

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