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In the process of gathering paper work for my assesment. I was wonering what paper work you guys keep and what you show to the assor when being assessed anually.

As i understand i need the following.

IEE 17th Book
IEE 17th On-site Guide
EWR 1989 Memorandom (blue book)
H&S At work act saftey policy (dont think we need this as we dont have 5 or more emploies)
2Million Public Insurance certificate
Risk Assessment paper work for jobs displaying
Certificates for jobs completed
Drawings for jobs completed
Contracts for Jobs
Invoice's for Jobs
Part P Building regs paperwork

Anything i missed?

Few questions i have about the above if anyone could help i would be greatfull.

Risk assessments - Would would you add to those for day to day jobs such as adding new sockets or cu swap, adding outside light or a re-wire. Any examples?

What paperwork do you put together for each job. I know most fill out a cert for the work carried out such as minor works or electrical installation cert but what type of drawings do you make/provide. Ive started to use grid paper and do a rought layout of the floors and where things are installed such as sockets and light & swicth points and what they controll. Is this enough ?

Dont normally do contracts, just submit quotes and invoices on completion. Anyone using contracts and what should they consit of?

Again many thanks for taking the time guys

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You should also have a complaints log and calibration certs for your testers.

Risk assessments should be completed for any work.

No need to do drawings. Just cert and invoice.

I only use contracts on large jobs, rewires etc, where there is a fairly high cost involved.

not clever

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If going with NICEIC you'll need health & safety policy, even if you are a one man band.
You'll also need a complaints log, even if you've not had any complaints from customers.
Last assessment I was also asked to provide a list of completed works & associated cert numbers.


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Oh, i was told i needed to do drawings for any works etc. Would save time for sure if there not needed :)

I have made a complaints log in word and also a contract for works that i can show.

How about Risk Assessments. What do i need to put on there?


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