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I'm completely new to this forum but hoping you may be able to help me. Fourteen years ago I joined a one-man-band electrician as his secretary. Since then we grew the company to fifteen employees. I was solely responsible for the implementation of all adminstrative and accounting systems, setting up of software for NICEIC certification, undertaking marketing, business development etc. Like most firms we suffered financially towards the end of last year and on the 31st December I was made redundant. I now want to be around a bit more for my children and have set up self-employed, offering all of the above services to any contractor, large or small. I am happy to work from a contractor's premises or work from my own home and am happy to be contracted for a set no. of hours each week, or just work on an ad-hoc basis, invoicing solely for hours worked. I have no problem working evenings or weekends so if someone wanted to phone through quotes / invoices / certificates when they got home in the evening I would be happy to type these up and get them emailed out the same evening. If anyone on this site has a need for my services I would love to hear from you. I can direct any serious potential customers to my previous employer's website where you can see a great deal of the publicity I generated there.
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I don't know how you feel being on com only, I am at the moment setting up an affiliate programme. But really I am not confident of any worthwhile returns, it is really just to get the word out (no offence to potential affiliates)

I need a sales person whom knows what they are talking about, electrically in a specific industry.

I cannot commit to take on, on the books...but I do offer 10% nett of jobs put my way. A 5k gross job would give you arround £250. You would need a website, good understanding of my industry and good communication skills. Some do not make anything, some do part time stuff and make a few hundred a year, some...my best make 500 per month...nothing spectacular I know, but there is scope to make very good money for a dedicated person.

PM me if interested

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