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Hi all,

Im a bit disillusioned as to wether i need to do a part P course or not .
I have completed my City and Guilds in electrical installation parts 1 +2, and my tutor always said that makes me part P qualified, where as other people and articles i have read, said i still need to do a part P course.

I was under the impression the part P course was brought out for the likes of kitchen fitters and builders that dabble with electrics and havent got any qualifications.

After all, what can i possibly learn on a 4 week course, that i didnt learn in 3 years studying at college.

I look forward to hearing your views.


pretty much same for me matey, done 2360 and all that, but still fealt compelled to do the domestic installer course, howver only cos im self employed, if i were employed i dont think you need it ??


Sparkyork is right.

If you are going to go self employed, and want to carry out domestice work you will either have to get your Part P or have all your work inspected by the local authority (the latter being hassle).

If you are employed then your employers being a Part P registered company would cover you for carrying out domestic work for them.


Now you're part p qualified, all you have to be is part p registered. this is the expensive bit. The alternative to this is not notifying work( not condoning this because it's very illegal and you might be as bad as the builders that did the Richmond MPs kitchen. Unfortunately they can't be traced because she payed cash and they had no idea about electricity. It's their fault odpm brought in Part p. ) Not good that an MPs daughter avoided VAT Knowingly. Unfortunately she can't be traced either


You are being misled boys, i to have sat through an apprenticeship and got my c&g 2360 1+2, i sat the part p course and i did not need to; neither do you, i have never been asked by any local authority if i am "part p" registered, i have only been asked if i am aware of the part p document, have read it and understand it, it is only a document that is part of the larger building regulations that covers electrics.

If you have c&g 2360 1+2 you can get on the niceic domestic installer scheme, they have never asked me if i am part p registered, i to am self employed and the only benefit i can see of being niceic or equivalent is that you don't have to keep informing building control every time you wire in a shower :0)

Remember you can join the niceic domestic installer course after sitting a four week intensive electrical installation course, you only have to be competent these days boys, not qualified.



The only people that have asked me if I'm part P registered are customers ;) & they are the ones that matter.

I've never sat any part P course & never would.
I did join NICEIC DI scheme no problems having the 2360 PT 1&2 + 2381 + 2391.

stevie h

you don't have to go on a part p course to join any of recognised bodies under the part p domestic installer schemes , the part p courses are for people without any formal qauls to enable them to join.. if you have your part 1+2 you can join nic/napits/eca as long as you pass your assessment

old dog

part p is more for building regs than electrical ie kitchen extract fan 30 liters above
hob 60 liters elsewhere


So basically, you need to do 2 jobs that you have to register with the local authority (is it £100 for this?) and get the NIC to inspect them. They ask a few questions and make sure you know what you're up to then you can register with them and register each notifiable job on their website. Is this right?
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hey man, ive just done my part poo but only as im self employed,the average job i do <being honest here> not even heard of or bothered ith the part p ,they got my name from recomendation etc i sat it for the people who want the paperwork{extentions etc where building control involved}i did my 2360 too years back when you did 2 or 3 years! with the eal the upsetting thing is.......8 of us on course,2 <myself included>were actually practicing sparks,how the [email protected]@@@@@@@ can somone wander in,pay $$$ and in several weeks be more qualified than me to work in somones house? i personally was scared ****less on the course,not for me but the potential droves of "DOMESTIC INSTALLERS SCHEME DRONES" going out newley "qualified" saying i can do that, oh and take mister blobbby, "i was unfulfilled in my whatever office etc job,i saw an advert in paper BECOME AN ELECTRICIAN, now i have several people working for me.................yike s help think we going to be busy just putting funk ups right maybe????????
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