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Iv got the Seaward Europa Plus pat tester and the Seaward Patslite software to download the results to my laptop. I want to know how to put all the results on to one certificate, as if I do a lot of testing for some one it's going to be a hell of a lot of printing. Can this be done one seaward patslite or do I have to invest in another software or do it on excel?

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I have recently added PAT to my services because I was losing jobs but dont do as much as you and just transfer the info over but you would be better going on to the Seaward PAT forum where the topic of discussion is software • Index page


I only ever get asked to do PAT testing for free now.........hello.....yes hello, can I help you......can you do PAT?? .....portable Appliance testing? yes that's the one..... I can,can you do my Hotel......................for free, its only 35 rooms, and....I with some people I know who......just ....might be looking...... um, sorry bud I can't do that I don't have the time and everybody will expect that if I do yours for free..... slammed down on me.....


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Seaward PATGuard Lite software will allow you to download all your results and print them as a Test Certificate Report (sic... Seaward's terminology).
This software does have a number of limitations the most significant of which is it doesn't allow manual data entry. If you find you need this or any other features you can progressively upgrade from Lite to Pro, from Pro to Elite and finally Elite to Elite SQL; each step providing more features and a greater hit to the wallet.


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Well I just need £200 more out of PAT testing and it will have paid for itself within its first year after that I will be a lot happier about it as I still dont like it but as I have said before I need to provide it as for doing it free no chance infact its my policy no freebies and I dont care how much work is promised


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First of all, we have all heard that 'I will give you loads more work' (or I own lots of houses!) nonsense before and surely nobody is still silly enough to fall for that!? Lol These people are looking for cheapest price, and we are businesses, not charities! Tell them to do it themselves!

With PAT Testing, I am a paid user of PATGuard, and I wish I had nevere bothered, its absolute garbage and very expensive! Full of bugs (Reports keep disappearing during upgrades, spend hours putting them back again!!), if any visual tests are included in your testing, then the Test Certificate (single page version) prints the wrong date!!

Most annoying, you can rarely get hold of support. I manage to get them to call me sometimes, but only because I pester the life out of the area manager!!

Apollo 600 - waste of space, stick with Megger or anything else!!

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