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well guys as the climate is really funny atm wanted to check with you lot first on this.

im on appov jib rates at the moment, however company isnt jib, but ive been promoted to supervisor, basically in charge of a couple of jobs sorting out the problems, doing the paperwork, ordering etc.

therfore im no longer on the tools.

do you think im entitiled to a payrise???

the reason i ask is with the way the credit crunch is dont want to seem like im after everything i can get.

however im no longer looking after one job but a number of others,

whats your views on this????

think i should ask for company car etc or is that pushing it. ( i do have company van)

how much is a supervisor on???

any help would be great.

thanks very much :)
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I worked as a supervisor before going on my own. I got a nice new van, mobile phone and 14 per hour. However it was more of a foreman role looking after 1 large contract onsite.

Suppose it depends on the company but, sounds like your more of a project manager.


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I think that 'If You are Doing Extra' you should be 'Paid Extra' nothing is for free in this world.

If you are free come and work for me........lol :)

An old but very true saying 'If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get' ask for the JIB supervisors rate?

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...too right, you have more responsibility, more to go wrong, and you need compensaring as such. Any promotion of responsibility comes with a higher cost. good luck and congrats!


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thanks guys.

anymore supervisors out there that can offer me advice??



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think im getting shat on!,i'm running a job at the same rate as those who arn't thats got to be wrong .....!!!:-{


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but are you on the tools aswell mate or just running the job, paperwork etc??


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on the tools,ordering stock,liasing with site agent,keeping tabs on progression of flats !!!!!


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that a lot of work you do mate, might be worth going into the office for a chat.


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If it’s any help I am an electrical supervisor responsible for 30 sparks, covering 4 work faces. My roll includes de-commissioning, installation and commissioning of all electrical systems, as well as coordinating subcontractors, on a large commercial site. All this and more for just £1 an hour more than my sparks! You have to learn what you can and take it with you on your next job, And don’t forget, it all looks good on your CV!


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Cheers mate didn't think of it like that

1st Step

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In the current market i'm currently putting supervisors out at about £19-£20.00 ph (cis) paye equivelant would be about £16.50.

But as the others said - every company is different - you don't ask if you don't get, the larger the company the more chance that they have a much more ridgid pay scheme and won't budge of their normal rates.


i was supervisor on a site and they used to give me an extra hour a day on top of what i had done, booked on jib approved rate.that was in '99 though
Im a supervisor for around 30 sparks in the north east of the uk and my wage is 31k a year plus a 4k bonus every april if im lucky

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