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Hi all,

After some guidance with a Sonos setup. Looked for a few decent multi room media setups for our home and the Sonos products look right up my street. My question really is how have people run the supplies to the units. I want to give the impression that the units are completely wireless and not to have bundles of power cords strapped down the wall to the nearest socket. I want the speakers mounted high level out of harms way ideally.

Currently have some of the upstairs floorboards removed to gain access. Would you fit an FCU unit at each individual speaker? (2 in each corner of the rooms) and then hardwire the power cord. This seems the best method in terms of maintenance and dissemble ect but a bit of an eyesore having an FCU 2 meters up the wall (I say 2 meters as itl be a pita to try and run a feed through the stud wall from any low level sockets.). My other thought is to get some flex through(or the sonos power cord) at the speaker locations and make a joint at each location in the floor all being supplied by one FCU near the soundbar (fused to the rating of the equipment or 2 FCU's if we go OTT with speakers and equipment. )

The other question is the Ethernet connection. Do you guys tend to hardwire or leave it wireless. We only have a 3 bed semi so the wireless should be pretty reliable but I'm keen for hardwiring where poss.

Any pics of your previous installations would be much appreciated. As you can see im a noob when it comes to home cinema/multi room systems but I'm trying [emoji2]

Thanks. Joe
When I've installed the Sonos and the clients want the speaker high up I would use the Sonos Amp and separate speakers. What units are you installing?

As for the ethernet connection I would run it to the amp or use a Sonos Bridge the mesh network that the units use is pretty good so normally don't have to run ethernet cables to every device.

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