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Hello all, this is my first post and I need some help.

I have been interested in Electrics now for a long time and done some minor works around the house with no problems and more recently had an extension built and I have done all the electric work (with exception of the final wiring into the CU)

New Ring Main, New Light Circuit, 2 x Economy7 Circuits.

The installation of these was done under authority from Building Regulations and following reading for well over 100 hours from textbooks, I went ahead and installed the electrics. They inspected the works and am pleased to say that they passed first time. They did not require that they were checked by a Electrician.

When these circuits were wired in, we needed a new CU and this is something that we had an Electrician in to do. When the circuits were wired into the new CU the guy doing the work (who is qualified and runs his own business) did all the testing as per the CU change and no problems were located. Basically everything passed with flying colours, he commented that it had been done to a high standard and was safe.


I have been advised that to become "qualified", and following many hours of reading forum and peoples comments I use that in a very usure way, and set my own business up I need to undertake the following:

2382-10 17th Edition
2392 Inspection & Testing
Register and be approved by NICEIC or Napit etc

These courses combined don't come to more than a fortnight which seems a short period of time, but I am assured by NICEIC, Napit, Local College and TradeSkills4u that this is correct and all I need.


Basically all I wish to do is:

Setup my own business as a Domestic Installer, place an ad in the local paper etc and only work on Domestic properties. (CU Changes, New Installations (i.e. new build houses), Extensions, Circuit Extensions, Face Plate changes etc etc)

I look forward to all help and advice that you guys can give.


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Ferry you have the same idea as myself. I cannot seem to find a straight answer for our questions anywhere. There are so many training courses out there and so many companies trying to sell us them! I am willing to pay for a quick course but its almost impossible to find the right one. SOMEONE HELP US PLEASE!! Thanks


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you are trying to do it on the cheap ,just pay your money and take your chance,why not ,your qualification wont be worth anything anyway ,experiance makes money,think.....on
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I stand corrected,of course those qualifications will be worth something,all in all this particular course seems good valve.
i also understand that full apprenticeships are a thing of the past and everyone must start somewhare,The point i was trying to make was in reply to the origional question,which was to set up his own business as a domestic installer ,i was trying to say ,it doesnt mater what bits of paper you have ,experiance is the key to making it pay ,
i would advise him to find work with someone else first.

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