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So i went to start a job on saturday and i came across this. It is a single core pyro with an earth tail pot, ignore the henley block in the trunking as that is obviously just to extend the pyro but what they have done is come out of the ryefield into the meter with the phase conductor then with the earth they have gone into the MET then back out into the neutral incomer of the meter then phase and neutral tails into the CCU. I couldn't gain access to the intake room as it wasn't an FB key. This morning the managing agent sent an electrician down to verify and they have said it is a PME system and all the flats are supplied this way. However this doesn't seem right to me as from what I thought in a PME system they took the earth from the neutral not the other way round, and as the earth is a nut and bolt connection not a permanent connection or sealed it can be removed therefore causing no neutral into the property. Has anyone else come across this and can shed some light onto the matter for me would be much appreciated.


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So the MI comes from the Ryefield which is single core. With that an earth, is that the dark green one?
Correct single core MICC from ryefield with an earth pot at either end but I haven’t seen the inside of the intake cupboard yet just been told by another electrician that went down their from the managing agent. Yes the dark green in the earth from the earth tag pot
MI cables can be used where the sheath is the PEN conductor (reg 543.4.8). To me the connection of the earth into that block compromises Reg 543.4.3 and I guess the reason for that is there not being a service head which would have separate terminals. It is difficult to say without seeing the other end and knowing who owns the cable.


Hi - my 20p on this is - I’d have thought that should have been done at the building’s incoming service head (?). Agree about risk to Reg 543.4.3 and it just looks a bit diy so they didn’t have to run an extra conductor.
With your normal concentric cable it is easy to split them in the head, but with that I can't see another solution.
Is that a flat, if so any chance of looking in another.
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i did get into one of the other flats however their meter must have been downstairs as it was no where to be seen. The meter from the flat i am working in has been moved from the intake room into the premises as its now a top up style meter. So this is technically part of the DNO's network, there are henley blocks within a trunking in the intake room extending the MICC but once again this is a screw connection without a seal so not a permanent connection so still in my opinion unsafe as if this was removed for whatever reason there would be no fault path from the property
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