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HI all,

got a holiday let that wants to control heating from their home as people leave it on etc.

setup is s plan upstairs HW and heating(rads) , with stat up there for heating

downstairs two zoned UFH, bathroom and Lounge

ive priced up the polypipe stuff, new center and stats and its coming to £850

hes not bothered about the HW so could leave that timed and hes not to bothered about leaving the bathroom or having the UHF all on at once(bath and lounge|).

basically i think? that i can just fit in two nest stats onto the UFH center and the upstairs(so could do the HW aswell) so one nest does the upstairs and one into the UFH center(change the stat for lounge and leave the bathroom one in place, you think this is doable as it seems a much cheaper option

im usually good on the old heating side of things but i need to be in front of it and go though it in me head when there, but its 100+ miles away.


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