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Possible faults with old charge master/ no pulse

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Customer asked me to look at their ev charger, I’ve turned up, but they’re not in. Typical.
I’ll come back on my way home later, but wondered if anyone knew how these things work.

Customer just said it wasn’t charging the car. No other details.

From google, it’s an old original bp pulse aka charge master. You can see the orange light, so there is power to the unit, but obviously I don’t have the key (or car) to try it.

It’s tethered, and the plug is in good condition. No corrosion.

I can’t seem to find a user guide online.

Only one time I have ever seen one of these installed. Also had a not charging fault, turned out to be a broken wire on the PP side of the tether!

Might be wrong actually not sure it was that one thinking about it!
I went back this afternoon, as it was on my way home... but the rain stopped me from doing any internal investigations.

I think these were popular with "free" installsof charge point when you bought an EV, and so far, all the ones ive been asked to repair have been these types. Once was a loose connection in the supply box below, and second one was the user leaving the plug lying on the damp ground.

What i can tell is the key is the simple on/off switch... and this one is on all the time... so it should be plug in and charge.
The amber light is simply a power on, standby indicator. When charging, a green light should illuminate below this.
(when first powered on, the amber and green lights flash on and off during a self text procedutre)

The customer has a full EV, and a hybrid, and neither charge... When i go back, ill open it up and check the connections... maybe continuity test between the connections and the plug end.
Did they actually come with that blue flex?
yes... certainly looks like it.

The flex and Mennekes type plug are both blue, but the plug is off the photo

I had to search for it, and im only assuming its Chargemaster/ BP pulse, simply because of the shape. They are usually white, not black... with a badge on the front.
I contacted bp pulse and they needed the serial number before even discussing what might be at fault...

When im out at it next, ill take cover off and check the PP as suggested on #2
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