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Possible New Idea For Forum?

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So, I had a random idea last night about something new on the forum. It is more of a brainstorm at the moment but I wanted to ask you guys about it and see whether you thought it had legs.

So, I was thinking of reviewing hotels that are used by contractors and creating a bit of a review forum.

I wanted to know who books where you stay? How long do you stay away for? What type of accommodation do you stay in?

If it took off we could even contact the chain hotels and see if we could get a discount code or something..

I dont know - It is swirling in my head,

What do you guys think? Please up or down vote the suggestion. Think of it like a poll with two choices. Agree or not agree.
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Currently in a hotel room as I type, and as the background noise dulls down for the night realising I can hear this very obvious buzzing noise from the in-room consumer unit. It’s padlocked shut but my bet is that it’s contactor coil buzz from the keycard switch. And it’s feckin’ annoying!!!
Oh dear that is not a good sign!! Did you manage to get a good night sleep?
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