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Been re-jigging my excel spreadsheet now that the change is almost upon us.....

We are one up from a one man band......in that there are only two of us. So right now we have seven installs, including a 12kwp one, on our order book.

So we are thinking that's really it for us to comfortably install without any last minute hitches and panics....Maybe squeeze in another one if a "blue bird" deal comes in....but other than that I think we will just concentrate on completing what we have comfortably.....

So our thoughts.....like most folks on here.....are turning to what happens post 1st August....

Much of it is out of our hands in that we rely on public interest in pv. We don't go cold calling or telephoning to drum up interest. We rely on people who have decided to have a look at pv first then get us out along with another one or two to give them quotes.

I'd say almost all of the people we go to see have done some research. The bigger companies with marketing arms work a completely different way. They want to send their reps into houses where the folks have no idea what a SAP2009 is....or what the market price for a 4kwp system is. And most important of all.....won't get other quotes.....

Now when you turn to the figures then I don't feel things are that bad....there is still a strong case for installing solar....even at 16p Generation....(Does anyone know the logic behind increasing the export tariff to 4.5P)

In the simplest of terms a south facing roof will still generate approx 3434 kwh....so times that by 16p and you get £549.44

For export now you get a slightly higher figure of £77.26.

So the scheme will now earn you £626.70 a year.

This sum will still be index linked to RPI so the long term payments are still excellent even allowing for the reduction of the term to 20 years.

And, of course, you will have generated 3434 kwh of electricity which are free to use as best you can to reduce your bill......that part has not changed any.

So if a 4kwp comes down to say £7000.....thats a return of between 8% and 10% depending on what you say will happen to the 3434 kwh generated and payback in less than seven years....(if you don't take into account the interest the capital would have earned if left in the bank).

We try and give the most accurate figures possible...so we take into account the lifestyle of the people installing the panels....If they are a working couple that leave the house at 8am five days a week...then their opportunity of using the own electricity is completely different from say a retired couple with electric heating...I know of one national company that supplies 3 FREE Smart plugs with every system and the reps tell people they can use a smart phone to turn on their immersion heater and washing machine...while they are at work...unbelievable..

So for us its a case of hoping the general public still have an interest in solar.....and working out how to get in front of those that do....And THATS the Million Dollar question.....

Any thoughts and opinions will be read with interest....
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Why not add in one of these as part of the install ( immerSUN :: Use 100% generated free electricity :: A 4eco Product ) fully proportional so will only use electricity that would havebeen exported (see elswhere for detailed discussions) that way independant of lifestyle, they will maximise the use of their generated power :)
Also include a couple of progammable electronic timers for the dishwasher and washing machine, and now you are really helping them (when those items kick in the Immersun will only power the immersion if their is still extra available energy)

The extra costs won't lose you the deal, they could well win it for you - get smart offer more value..


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Thanks for your thoughts....Never come across that product before.....cheers..
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