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Went to survey a job earlier. While I was there I wanted to have a look at the C.U, I was told that it was it had been changed in November by an electrician who had been recommended to then, he also installed some lights, some sockets in the kitchen and a 10kw shower.

When I had a look at the C,U there was no RCD protection to be seen. The socket and lighting were mainly wired in a mixture of VIR, rubber cabling without and earth but had some new T&E with the earth cut off at the lights. The shower had been wired in 4mm T&E. but on the good news he had bonded the gas pipe (in the same cupboard as the C.U). He charged them £950 for probably one of the worst installs I have seen.

He supplied a cert to say everything was ok, it even got Part P.

When I explained what was wrong they showed me the door because they thought I was talking the ****. Good job really, didn’t want to get involved with that mess.

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Sounds like one of my old jobs only joking. Its sparks like yourself that will improve the industry but you will always lose jobs to the dodgy boys, but at least you can sleep at night. It shows you part P does not always give the quality it should.



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A 10Kw shower installed with 4mm T&E is an absolute fire hazard!
I've gone to a friends house and found the original 8Kw (in 6mm T&E), shower replaced (twice because after a while they kept tripping the RCD) with a 10Kw shower because there was a deal on them. On further investigation found the cable from the pullcord switch inside the tiled wall burnt down to bare copper and it was obvious it had been like that a while causing the trips.
If I'd seen the installation that you describe, I would have informed the local authority and watched the "spark" being made an example of! The customer wouldn't be so quick to show the council the door once the situation was explained!
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Just goes to show what a total pile of dog mess Part P really is. If scheme providers allow people with the scruples of an incredibly filthy and flea infested weasel coupled with the electrical know how of my 3 month old son to join to make a fast buck, then why the hell did I bother training for 4 years in the bloody first place.

Sorry lads but crap like this makes my blood boil.:mad:

P.s I think I'll have to nip into the pub now for a quick swear......
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Don't beat yourself up lenny 4+years training +certs.and how meany years experience you don't really need part P because youve done the time.The problem with part P is that any cowboy/kitchen fitter with a bit of savvy could pass it(or get somebody to do it for him)and then he,s got a licence to print money

yours benji


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Only thing self certification has EVER done ANYWHERE is give credibility to cowboys.
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A lad I've worked extensively with in industrial paid £1500 to get his Part P and and was classed as qualified.
Wonderwhy he can't get a JIB card then? Hmmmm..........

Des 56

It seems the customer and the installer deserve each other

It woulkd be a good example of the failings of part p if the powers that be could be persuaded that there is shortcomings in the first place
Pigs flying and other sayings come to mind for that to occur

Its a shame the people who actually do the work in domestic installations were not included in the discussions prior to part p being introduced,perhaps these examples would have been much reduced if that was the case
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