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Hi, Anybody got any opinions about this course/company? In particular the Electricians Starter Package?


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I to am looking for feedback on PTT. I'm looking to do the 17 Day Part P Preparation Course as i've just been made redundant i need to invest in my future & don't wanna waste my money or time. What else might i need to consider before i sign up to any course. I've been in engineering for 24 years & done basic electrical work ie changing motors on conveyors & light fittings.
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I'd checkout a few of the ones that we have feedback for, or checkout the sponsors. I'm sure you'll find a deent course near enough to you.
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I know this posting will be of little benefit to those who have contributed thus far as they are now quite old but if anyone is browsing through the list of course providers and comes across PTT but finds no comment on them they may be put off.

I completed the 17th edition last year and the 2391 this year with PTT. It is run by very experienced electricians who tell you what you need to know.

They haven't wasted (your) money on flash accommodation and 'sharp' salesmen, they operate on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Tring, Herts, just off the A41 between Hemel Hempstead and Aylesbury.

When I looked at doing the 17th I compared prices and was quite prepared to travel long distances to find a good course even if it meant cheap a B&B. As it happens, Tring is fairly local and as a result of doing the 17th edition with them, I signed up for the 2391 without shopping around.

If they hold further courses that interest me (they are talking of doing the PV installations) I'll certainly go with them again.

Highly recommended

(No connection professionally or otherwise with PTT)
i had a short course there, and also in other training center as well, PTT is ok, but i strongly recommend BTT or tradeskills4u, the people there are not only nice person, they also teach you and lead you to pass quickly,

if you do choose tradeskills4u, must hurry, because the course are always full
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I did the 1 day 17th edition update there at the begining of this year and couldnt fault it, I was chuffed as larry when i found them in Tring as i could walk there!!! before courses have meant going to collegges an good hours drive away, There is a relaxed atmosphere about the place but also the tutor was very thourough and if you do have to drive a distance to get there they lay on a buffet lunch which is handy cos the industrial estate is out of town, only downside is the price but, you know, you get what you pay for and they are many other places that are as expensive, just wish i had the money to do y 2391 now
Proactive Technical Training

I have used PTT for a couple of courses , after being to BTT , Clarkson Evans , and a few others training facilities around London . I have found them to be very easy to work with , understanding everything they put in front of me . I am not from a technical background and have found other training centres not so welcoming and more about taking your hard earned cash than teaching (not mentioned here). PTT present the courses very well and I have found them to be very accommodating. Also easy parking facilities , received two parking tickets at BTT so i will keep away from there . Just signed up for 2391-10 at PTT run at weekends , so I do not have to take days off work ( self employed = no money while not at work ) while I am investing in myself .
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