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jools p

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Went in CEF in Launceston today and on the counter was this fancy electrical screwdriver kit in quite a small metal tin. There was about ten types and because there was only one handle they took up very little space. The handle clicked onto the screwdriver shaft with a very convincing click. It was released by pushing a button on the handle. It all had a very high quality feel.

I cant remember the name of the manufacturer so I could look it up on the web to see if it was cheaper anywhere else. The name started with a K and sounded German

Does anybody know who makes these.


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hello there i have a set similar to the one you talk about but comes in a sturdy material pouch and is made by wera had it about 12 months now and its great i ve got one handle 4 x flat blades in the sizes comanally used 2x pozi 2x philips 4x blades that fit those funny screws that are becoming used more often like the ones on mcbs and 4 diffrent box keys find it really handy specially if out on a break down as its all there in one pouch, thoght i'd end up losing some of it but as its all in one place i think your more aware of putting it all back cost me about £50 quid not cheap i admit but well worth it cheers vw harr1s.


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Did it look like this?

If so it is made by Klauke and is called the KL300IS Smart Box

You can get it online for around £45

I know a few people who own it and are happy with it but I much prefere my solid one piece Irazola screwdrivers.
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I have a set, cant recommend them enough.
Had mine for about 4 years and never lost one as its a ball ache putting them back in the box but you see straight away if one is missing. :eek:

jools p

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Thats it eskimo !!

I'm quite interested in the idea that you see if any are missing at the end of the day. I'm always losing screwdrivers and tapes. So last time I went cheap and bought a set from Wickes. Big mistake firstly there wasn't a slot head that properly fitted the majority of terminal screws and the steel quality was very poor. This was very noticeable on the small drivers.

Well if I get some jobs I've quoted for recently I might treat myself.


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i have a set by..weirra or somthing like that and agree that it stops you losing em..mine are in a small velcro pouch that will go on ur tool em in westerns plymouth about 35 quid i think..well woth it...spare tips avalible to via internet 8 quid or so....
I have had the Klauke set for a year or so, they are good for little jobs but big jobs id rather use seperate drivers cos if you leave the handle anywhere u dont need to walk back for it.

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