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To Mr NICEIC person.

Referring to your recent statement:

NICEIC have provided a statement which reads as follows: -
In reaction to comments regarding the ****** following a recent news article, NICEIC wishes to clarify that they are fully registered with our domestic installer scheme. Since 1956, NICEIC have consistently pressed for the very best technical standards and assessments for the electrical contracting industry. This has not changed. Anyone registered with NICEIC will undergo stringent checks on any electrical installation work, as well as site visits, an assessment on company procedures and knowledge of industry standards.

NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls campaign is focused on creating a level playing field for women who want to join our fantastic industry. We can confirm that the ******* kindly agreed to help with the campaign and are fully NICEIC certified. Unfortunately, the article referred to in this thread has missed some important details about their experience prior to joining the industry. NICEIC is concerned that **** and ****** are now receiving criticism which is totally unjustified and NICEIC fully supports them as registered, competent electricians.

To clarify, we do not believe that you can become a fully qualified electrician in five weeks and we strongly believe that apprenticeships are still the very best start in the electrical contracting industry.

Can you please confirm as to why it is acceptable to state persons as competent electricians when they have undergone training which you yourself would limit someone to the title of domestic installer.

From your site..

The ambition of the pair to become electricians began in 2009 when they both enrolled on a five week course in Dartford, which enabled them to gain their Part P certifications qualifying them to undertake all types of residential electrical work. ********** then chose to shadow an electrician which gave them a real insight into the job and taught them the tricks of the trade.
From theirs..

Although we're a new company we are fully qualified electricians to the latest exacting standards in the industry.
We are passionate about every project we undertake and will treat your home as if it were our own.

I've been training both electricians and domestic installers for a few years now, and I would like to know what the difference is, and please avoid the generic technical historic drivel.
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I've closed the thread as I'd rather not have this discussion publicly. However I'll answer a couple of your points.

NICEIC staff members have probably read the forum for ages. When you search Google for most things electrical-related, you end up on the forum most of the time. They don't physically have forum accounts though and don't endeavour to do so.

I might be wrong with my response there, I only used common sense to answer that. I'm not a sparky, have never done a course, am not a member of NICEIC, and don't do domestic electrics or have a title of fully qualified electrician.

They'll not answer threads directly - they have their own channels for questions and answers already, and if you address them directly I'm sure they'll do their best to respond.

We are considering opening a forum category that NICEIC representatives can take general questions from members and respond to them on the forum. Though it wouldn't ever be used to answer this sort of questioning. And NICEIC would vet the questions before they were answered too. As most things would need to be directed through their usual support/enquiry channels.

I'll give it a bash for you though: NICEIC don't manage the website for the said company, so what they say on it isn't vetted by NICEIC. NICEIC do however vet what's on their own website, so take that as the fact when it comes to NICEIC views on what titles they see people would have.

Please stop the discussion threads about this topic though until somebody can actually discuss it and not start the whole thing off somewhat heated.

Reply to Query for the NICEIC - We know you are on here! in the Certification NICEIC, NAPIT, Stroma, BECSA Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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