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if i have DTX results fail.
on next HDTDX has large spikes at both ends and have very marginal to failing results.
on Insertion Loss results all wiring below limit line.
Cable does test marginal at low frequencies (reflection loss) but not too badly…

QUESTION: does this look like bad termination at both ends

test-1 (hdtdx-next).jpg


Arms Access
It's been a couple of years since I've even looked at anything like this but it certainly appears that there's faults at either end. Are you using a dummy load at the far end?

I have seen similar from poor terminations but also incorrect clamps squeezing the cable and Roxtec glands incorrectly formed causing issues. Are the cables free from kinks on any bends etc?

Is this one continuous run or are you also testing through the tails?
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regarding questions you asked:
- no dummy load used, circular mil-spec type connectors on cat-6 insulated cable
- cable harness does have few feet of cable tied in circles (twice) at each end...
- zip ties used to secure cable, not sure how tight

that is whats being looked at now on if there re any tight bends at the ends of the cable.. one thing i was not sure is based on the results of NEXT it can be isolated to a connector or if due that TDX shows 3 feet from the end it maybe that extra run and/or how cable is secured

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