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Hi guys

Looking for a few opinions here. I've been asked to put a small ring in just for a PC, printer, small amp in 2 rooms (4 sockets total) and 2 fused spurs off for sockets in the ceiling for projectors.

As they needed them up and running straight away another guy has put in a temporary installation until I get in there in a couple of weeks time. There are a few bits I'm unsure of so thought I'd tell you what he's done and see what you think

He's wired a rewirable RCD plug, plugged into an existing socket on the ring, running to two sockets then through the fused spur on to the socket in the ceiling, so has essentially installed a radial run of 3 sockets from the current ring, with an RCD in between. Sockets installed to dado trunking.

There are two ways of looking at this - on the one hand it's sort of like a glorified extension box with the added bonus of an RCD. On the other hand it's a permenant installation (as the dado is fixed) and it's breaking many rules as far as I can see (not tested, running a radial run from one section of the ring). It's also all been wired using 1.5mm flex. Obviously the first run from the wired RCD unit has to be flex but I would have thought if anything it should be 2.5mm from that then 2.5mm twin and earth from there on, or maybe 2.5mm flex throughout. He's changed the fuse in the RCD unit to take it down to 20amp too.

Anyway, I can see there's a chance they'll consider leaving it all as it is instead of having me put a proper ring in from the board so I wanted to see what everyone's reactions would be if they turned up to find a job like this?

I need to give them recomendations next week but as it is I'm not happy to test and certificate the installation for them becuse of the 1.5 cable and the RCD plug issue. It's an odd one!


This basically sounds like a made up long 3 gang extension lead, I suppose his intention was to do it in flex as he thought this was tempory and would not be a fixed install.

Or it could be a cowboy who has know idea what he's doing and only had 1.5mm flex on his van, And has not taken into account any cable calcs.

Tell the client this is not to the regs for a permanant install and would need installing properly for a valid EIC.
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So I'm right in thinking as a temporary install it's ok but I shouldn't think about certifying (by testing and certifying we'd sort of be admitting to it being a permanent install wouldn't we) I've told him if NIC come round to tell them it's temporary. It's the site supervisor at the premises who's put it in for them so he's there full time.

I'll tell them it has to be done properly and look into the 1.5mm flex spur for the projector, as this is only capable of running the projector I might be ok leaving that as is, it's not pulling anything really and is fused down to 20a in the FCU too. Will replace all the rest with a 2.5 twin and earth ring as the board's only in the room underneath.

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