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I think when you look under the skin you'ld find that the PI and and Android device are very different - you are comparing Apples with Pears!

Raspberry Pi | An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!
MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC hands-on impressions -- Engadget

In 5 years you'll still be able to buy a PI and the original ones will still be performing and working as well as when they were baked.. It will grow an massive open-source comunity. The Android has gone down the 'App' route to compete with Apple.

Expandability, development, programming, Input/Output automation is what the PI is all about - just read the review on the other link posted

"Bring your Netflix over to a friend's house without needing your phone, or never worry about using public PCs again. All of these niche uses give the MK802, and its kind lots of potential"

PI is a computer, Androids are devices...

That's the thing, the PI is an easily programmable a computer for everyone to create new thing to do with, devices to control and monitor, the MK802 is a consumer device... it's designed for Apps.

Just hook up a Pi with Putty or VNC (both easily installable) and you don't need a monitor, keyboard etc just a very low powered gizmo sitting quietly doing its job.

A PI as an automated data logger updating PVOutput.org for SolarEdge - I can see that, and I be prepared to invest some hobby time to do that. For one particular Android device .... It's not where google want to go with it

Google want consumer devices they want to take onthe Apples of this world

Apples and Pears, Raspberry's and Robots..


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Very well put.

That was one reason why I was saying the Pi would not make for a good android device and if you want a similar form android device the MK802 would be a better choice.

Apples and Androids, Raspberry's and Robots.. :p
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