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Hi all,

It seems it's that time of year or something as we (the staff) find ourselves feeling another reminder is needed on a couple of subjects.

Inappropriate Content
We have noticed an increasing amount of inappropriate content (this has included content that is offensive or sexual in nature) being posted in various areas of the forum. Some of it may have been overlooked had it been in The Arms, but in a public facing forum it was deemed unacceptable.

Please remember that anyone can visit the site (that includes children and people from other cultures and countries), so please try and consider how others may react to what you are posting.

Despite numerous warnings at least one member has continued to post such content and is now taking an enforced holiday.

Abuse of Staff
When the staff take action (removing content, banning members for example), we do not act alone (unless something is deemed to be so serious it requires immediate action - an example might be the posting of inappropriate content that contains pornography for example). Issues are reported and discussed in the staff room and a collective decision is made on what action to take.

In at least one instance recently following a staff decision to remove content that was deemed offensive, a member has gone on to issue veiled threats to a member of staff.

This will not be tolerated. Further instances of such behaviour will be rewarded with an instant 1 month enforced holiday. The same applies if threats are issued towards other members.

Also, staff decisions are final and are not open for debate.

Criticism of Short Courses/Domestic Installers/DIYers
It has been noted there is a growing tide of criticism towards DIYers and members who have gone the short course route.

The forum is open to everyone who works in the trade regardless of their experience or route into the industry (whether you like it or not, the short course route is currently a valid route into the industry) and DIYers, so instead of being overtly hostile towards them, consider giving them good advice that can help them improve. The kind of advice a mentor might give an apprentice. And if you can't do that just ignore the thread and move along, and if you can't do that and continue to be abusive to said members, you can expect an enforced holiday to be forthcoming (which may end up being a permanent vacation for persistent offenders).

We want everyone to be able to ask questions here since asking questions is how we learn and improve.


The Staff
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