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Anybody know how easy it is to get the removable little corner sections for showers? Is there anywhere that flogs them, or is it best to go straight to the manufacturer? Are they even likely to help?

A bit of back stroy: Are you a Napit regisetered spark working out of Wirral? Did you have a slightly tetchy Russian customer yesterday? Did you completely balls up a shower job, totally unnecessarily carving up the removable plate with (presumably from the look of it) a butter knife? Did you then leave in a hurry when you went back today to stop the leak that you caused, when the Russian started asking you loads of very specific questions? If you did, then you have met my in-laws.

I have no idea why they didn't ask me for advice first. I know Lloyd, for example, works out of Chester and probably could have either done it or recommended someone. Nevertheless, we don't always see eye to eye, so they didn't ask me. But what I need now is to get a replacement part so that this glorious machine can be IP rated again! For what it's worth, it's a Triton Topaz T100 si (8.5 kW). Ta.

Jason Smith

Plumbfix, trade only Part of the screw fix group, have a technical sales department which help tradesmen with exactly the problem you have. Electrafix managed to get me some clips for an obscure downlighter that I had managed to loose.Hope this helps.


Electrician's Arms
Ive also dealt with Triton direct in the past for spares and found them really helpful.Not like some others who just want to flog you a complete new shower!

Jason Smith

An artistically fashioned piece of MT 4 and stelmax sealant ;)
Or nick the ones from your own house and put up with the ear ache when you get home from her who must be led to think she is being obeyed. Mine kicked off last time when I nicked the garage CU for a job, out of the shed. When she went to turn on the lights she came back in the house looking for a torch and spare light bulb. I had to cough I had nicked the consumer unit earlier in the day. I did try to get away with the fact that it was a Wylex and had been recalled, and had removed it for her safety, but as she refuses to swallow anything, she saw through that one (although it was true ). Had the hump for days until the replacement arrived. Yes I know I could of gone out and got one the next day, but I didnt like her attitude.
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