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hi all was on a job today when bloke over the road popped over and said could i get rid of all his wall lights (previous owner used to have a pub and gone overboard with lighting!)

told him yeah ill pop over when im done here, went over had a look at the mains seen its a TT with old tyle MK consumer unit, with 300ma main switch.

set about removing wall lights that were all wired back eventually to one of them big lighting joint boxes. so disconnected all that and did away with everything, came to doing minor cert for it then all problems started! dropped front of the consumer unit and found no main bonding conductors, just main earth to earh rod.

tried getting a Zs on lighting circuit and that was sky high as well, given that the installation doesnt have a 30ma rcd then obviously 1667 ohms doesnt apply!

Ze was comin in at about 573 ohms, and his lighting circuit isnt looking that good on Zs its very high.

As theres the Rcd box to fill in i thought i might have a go at doing this as well!! lol! set it to half times at 300ma and 1 times at same current and it didnt do anything (done at the load side of the rcd main switch) all im getting is the danger light regarding touch voltage, im presuming this is down to the high earths.

ive advised customer best i could about all the stuff without trying to blind him with science, and he said what do you recommend then. i said we could try giving your earth rod a better sized cable and see if that improves the Ze, then fit a 17th board with 30ma protection. im expecting some of the circuits to throw up some problems but hes gone for it and will be doing it in two weekends time.

any thoughts comments??


check ya bonds before touching the job in future,could save a lot of problems:eek::D


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yeah but on the other side ive got the work to put things right, which has gotta be better than him just getting rid of his lights and still having no main bonding in place. what are the normal reasons for getting "danger" light on fluke tester on rcd touch voltage thing, is it normally cos of high earths or noisy circuits


The unit is telling you the circuit is going above 50v touch voltage to trip the rcd.


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cheers guys, well im changin the board for a new one in a couple of weeks and giving him some main bonding to his utilities services, so he'll soon have something much better. he did say that he thought about doing the work himself too which i said he could of but he wouldnt of found out about his potential problems.

have i been really naugghty then or what, i mean atleast ive adressed the problems that he didnt know about.

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