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Hi all, I bought a house and went around replacing the mr16 halogen downlighters with LED lights. The lights are controlled by a Quinetic smart controller. Except in one room where there used to be 12 mr8 halogen downlighters. Now we did not replace those as the elctrician said the ceiling space was too low and would not fit the led. also, we did no want to be cutting out bigger holes in the ceiling, especially, if these ended up being close to a support beam. I tried replacing the halogens with an LED version (6 LED MR8 -, but these did not work. so I wanted to replce them with a low profile small downlighter e.g. Integral EvoFire+ Fire Rated Low Profile LED Downlight -

so would these work with the quinetic switch and be dimmable?
Is your Quinetic a dimmer switch? If so, have you ever used it in conjunction with any (dimmable) LEDs before, and how did it behave? Did it dim smoothly, or did it flicker? If however not a dimmer switch, then the new lights you have aren't dimmable without a wired dimmer. They aren't smart dimming lights after all.
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